Our team share a common vision - We will change how you think of imaging technologies, forever. We strive to build an environment where competence and the ability to learn and grow is considered as the biggest asset. The team is composed by the best people in each domain ranging from high-frequency hardware design, complex firmware logic, real-time image processing and algorithm design.

We have ownership to the entire product development from R&D to product definition, design and deployment.We are always looking for the best among the best, to share our vision and participate on our mission to change the world, and how we capture it.

Albert Havnegjerde
Embedded Engineer
Aleksandr Reviakin
Software Engineer
Anders Brandt
Board Member
Anders Tomren
Product Owner & Co-Founder
Andreas Gram
Hardware Engineer
Berk Cinar
Bernhard Wimmer
Embedded Engineer
Bjørn Tommy Jensen
Lead Software Engineer
Eirik Johannes Larsen
Hardware Engineer
Frank Vikingstad
Board Member
Gareth McDonough
Office Manager
Håkon Espeland
CEO & Co-Founder
Iver Håkonsen
Software Engineer
Jan Lüttgens
Principal Imaging Engineer
Jerome Debard
Lead Hardware Engineer
Kjetil Kjeka
Software Engineer
Krittanon Chalermsuk
Lead Embedded Engineer
Morten Amundsen
Supply Chain Manager
Mozhdeh Nematzadeh
Hardware Designer
Stefan Lontschar
Software Engineer
Stian Askeland
Software Engineer
Terje Rogne
Board Chair
Tom-Erik Lia
Board Member
Torstein Grindvik
Software Engineer
Vegard Kamsvåg
Software Engineer
Vegard Nitter Vestad
Software Engineer
Zahra Jenab Mahabadi
Embedded Engineer
Øyvind Vikanes
Systems Architect