We are developing our own hardware architectures - built from the ground up focusing high speed, high performance and reliability in an extremely small form factor. Our hardware architectures enables advanced edge computing, extreme throughputs, controlling every bit. We are powered by our partners, incorporating bleeding-edge technologies into our products.


Multiple imaging applications require milliseconds between light capture in a photodiode to a completely representable processed high-resolution image. We are real-time compliant through our enabling hardware architectures ensuring reliable synchronised high throughput, layered intermediate processing, and parallel computation in FPGAs and GPUs.


As our semiconductor partners are pushing the limits of nanotechnologies, available computation in small packaged chips enables new concepts for computation at the edge. With our layered computational architecture we optimize the structure of computation within our architecture, executing advanced algorithms at the edge.


Humans have two eyes, yet we experience the world as one. We are replicating this binocular stereopsis entirely in software, in real-time.Inspired by the human senses and state-of-the-art within advanced imaging, we build our own algorithms, maintaining depths of every pixel and correct perspective and parallaxis for any virtual viewpoint position.We generate weightless moveable virtual cameras, in real-time.


We are bringing all of our software onto the Muybridge platform, along with software modules from all of our partners and imaging enthusiasts. This enables a short time to market for new products, both for existing and new applications.